Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: [want] versus [need]

I haven't had a wishlist in months and I blamed it all on the current negative economic climate we are enduring over the last year or so. People say dream costs nothing, and I often agree, but at times it is hard to imagine wanting anything at all if one knows that it will hardly be realized. As for me, I have down-scaled my spending a wee bit. A wee bit is all that I managed. Hehehe. Hey, don't judge. At least I am working on it!

Anyways, I decided to indulge my not-so-subconscious by having a wishlist today. Whether i'll get them or not, I won't worry too much about that just yet *hehehe*:

  1. the new iPad
  2. Marni printed iPad sleeve
  3. LV Medium ring agenda cover
  4. KitchenAid Artisan series stand mixer
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Henry' gold-plated boyfriend watch

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

1/ The new iPad seems cooler than the previous ones -- why -- coz all of a sudden I need an iPad, that's why. Back in 2010, I had iPad on my wishlist but I never did justify the need for it. I was happy with my iPhone and to me, the iPad was just an XL version of my perfectly-sized iPhone. Only recently that I realized the functional side of an iPad:
  • you can watch movies/music videos/live football telecast on-the-go via personal hotspot
  • you can Skype with your loved ones with bigger view 
  • you can take notes in a small lecture without people thinking you are rude/not paying attention/whatsapping with you friends on your iPhone
  • any reason is good reason *hehehe*

2/ When one purchased an iPad, one MUST invest on the iPad cover. Ideally I would like to get a mock-croc leather one that opens like a book, as opposed to a simple sleeve cover. I spotted really nice ones in Harrods recently but seeing that I probably need to get myself an actual iPad first, I decided to leave it be until then. No matter how lush the iPad cover was, I couldn't possibly justify buying an iPad accessory without having the actual thing to accessorize it with! But I really like this simple, printed version from Marni. And I might just get this one before the iPad *oh no!*

3/ As much I love all the available gadgets supplied by our modern technology, I am still very much a pen-paper kinda girl. I love writing in my agendas and do not ask me why, but every new term I will get myself a brand-new Filofax agenda (even though i know they are supposed to be refillable!). I feel like I am ready for a permanent agenda cover, say, something that will last a long time like this Louis Vuitton one i spotted recently on their website. It is rather ridiculously-priced for an agenda cover, but i supposed what did i expect from Louis Vuitton, right? 

4/ My first real memory of a stand mixer was a white version that my Mom used to have when I was small. She used to make a lot of things with it and if I were being honest with you, I have to confess that I am truly surprised that a stand mixer actually made my wishlist! With age comes affinity towards cooking and baking, I suppose that's no harm *hehehe* except for my ever-expanding waistline -- not good! I have made a promise to myself to bake more once I have the cream version of the KA stand mixer on my kitchen top. I am just waiting for the price to be right i.e. heavily discounted KA stand mixer, here i come!

5/ And last but not least is this gold-plated boyfriend wristwatch by Marc Jacobs. I have been eyeing one up since I saw my stylish niece wore a beautiful Michael Kors one but I hesitated for a good while as I don't actually need anymore wristwatches (especially when I am almost always fashionably late -- while others call it irresponsible, undisciplined or simply annoying). But who says that I need to get everything on my wishlist, right? As far as I am concerned it can stay there on the list until the next 'it' thing comes along *hehehe* but the truth is I am quite besotted with 'Henry' -- should I or shouldn't I?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

yes, keep wishing for 'durian runtuh' ;P

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