Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hijab style [star] : norjuma habib

i remember thinking, cantiknye dia ni, the first time i saw her on TV3. i can't remember exactly whether it was when she was in that pengacara competition or afterwards. she has such beautiful eyes and such a beautiful, sweet face. her name suggested somekind of arabian ancestory. iye ke?

anyways, norjuma was beautiful and remain as beautiful if not more after her 2 children. i would totally categorise her in the yummy mommy category. there are not that many pics of her in nice dresses/outfits on the net but i have seen her in a muslimah fashion tv series -- was it busana? -- and she carried all the outfits really well though some of them, i think, were a little bit too fashion2.

all images are Googled.

my favourite pics are the one she took with her children -- love love love the tudung, and i wish there is another pics of her in the same outfit but standing so i could look at the whole outfit properly. and i especially love the dark green polka-dot outfit. i love polka-dots. i am not so sure about the last outfit sebab too fitted lah i think. but she looked glam, grown-up and she definitely exuded elegance in that gold long dress.

what dya ladies think?


Real Woman said...

i think she is so so so pretty too!.... even with just little make-up and i've seen her without a slight touch of make-up and still looks damn naturally pretty!

schazwany hameed said...






zailamohamad said...

yap, me too..she's pretty kan?? and she is soso lucky person..born to have everything, nice face, nice husband & i bet she's enjoying her life to the fullest rite now;)

fizamior said...

hye ya lady!!
i think the outfit she wore the one with her children is some sort of baju kurung moden ada cuff kat tangan.. i think so! haha.. if not tak tau la kan..i love polka dots too but dont really have many of them in my wardrobe.. :)
the gold dress?? definately glammmm!!! haha!!

ERMAYUM said...

Ha dia cantik tapi lepas banak no 1 dia gemuk ramai org kutuk dia - nak cantik balik required hard effort - diet and money g slimming semua heheh- tapi since dia memang da cantik sejak azali nak cantikkan balik tu tak susah :)

ilyana aka Misz Eiz said...

norjuma mmg cantik...last time nk kawen i actually tried to make the same wedding dress as hers but lastly settled for a margenta songket instead haha...anyway, i link ur blog to mine..ur follower as well

LadyofLeisure said...

i setuju ye cik puan semua -- hehehe -- norjuma ni mmg natural beauty lah pada mata i. i pernah tgk gambar after she gave birth the first time mmg tembam bam bam, naum tetap manis. definitely kalau slim lagi cantik lah paa pendapat i.

glam kan that gold dress. tapi i suka laidback chic like the polka-dot one and the navy blue outfit. suka suka suka.

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh owhhhh...i love her make up mase with her kids tue!
gorgeous! n for dress i suke yg last one...accentuates her slim figure...

n owh she has a personal trainer ok after delivery die!

LadyofLeisure said...

verde, i pun suka sgt that pic. she looks gorgeous kan? wow ada PT mmg lah slim babe. hehehe

reena said...


Kak Juma mmg cantik dr sekolah lg. I kenal her personally. Heh. If tengok mata dia in real life..Ya Allah..memang kita boleh terpaku (tergamam? terkesima? I dont know.hihi). Dia mmg natural beauty sangat2. Lagi cantik without makeup tebal. Bijak plak tu.