Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: [want] versus [need]

I haven't had a wishlist in months and I blamed it all on the current negative economic climate we are enduring over the last year or so. People say dream costs nothing, and I often agree, but at times it is hard to imagine wanting anything at all if one knows that it will hardly be realized. As for me, I have down-scaled my spending a wee bit. A wee bit is all that I managed. Hehehe. Hey, don't judge. At least I am working on it!

Anyways, I decided to indulge my not-so-subconscious by having a wishlist today. Whether i'll get them or not, I won't worry too much about that just yet *hehehe*:

  1. the new iPad
  2. Marni printed iPad sleeve
  3. LV Medium ring agenda cover
  4. KitchenAid Artisan series stand mixer
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Henry' gold-plated boyfriend watch

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

1/ The new iPad seems cooler than the previous ones -- why -- coz all of a sudden I need an iPad, that's why. Back in 2010, I had iPad on my wishlist but I never did justify the need for it. I was happy with my iPhone and to me, the iPad was just an XL version of my perfectly-sized iPhone. Only recently that I realized the functional side of an iPad:
  • you can watch movies/music videos/live football telecast on-the-go via personal hotspot
  • you can Skype with your loved ones with bigger view 
  • you can take notes in a small lecture without people thinking you are rude/not paying attention/whatsapping with you friends on your iPhone
  • any reason is good reason *hehehe*

2/ When one purchased an iPad, one MUST invest on the iPad cover. Ideally I would like to get a mock-croc leather one that opens like a book, as opposed to a simple sleeve cover. I spotted really nice ones in Harrods recently but seeing that I probably need to get myself an actual iPad first, I decided to leave it be until then. No matter how lush the iPad cover was, I couldn't possibly justify buying an iPad accessory without having the actual thing to accessorize it with! But I really like this simple, printed version from Marni. And I might just get this one before the iPad *oh no!*

3/ As much I love all the available gadgets supplied by our modern technology, I am still very much a pen-paper kinda girl. I love writing in my agendas and do not ask me why, but every new term I will get myself a brand-new Filofax agenda (even though i know they are supposed to be refillable!). I feel like I am ready for a permanent agenda cover, say, something that will last a long time like this Louis Vuitton one i spotted recently on their website. It is rather ridiculously-priced for an agenda cover, but i supposed what did i expect from Louis Vuitton, right? 

4/ My first real memory of a stand mixer was a white version that my Mom used to have when I was small. She used to make a lot of things with it and if I were being honest with you, I have to confess that I am truly surprised that a stand mixer actually made my wishlist! With age comes affinity towards cooking and baking, I suppose that's no harm *hehehe* except for my ever-expanding waistline -- not good! I have made a promise to myself to bake more once I have the cream version of the KA stand mixer on my kitchen top. I am just waiting for the price to be right i.e. heavily discounted KA stand mixer, here i come!

5/ And last but not least is this gold-plated boyfriend wristwatch by Marc Jacobs. I have been eyeing one up since I saw my stylish niece wore a beautiful Michael Kors one but I hesitated for a good while as I don't actually need anymore wristwatches (especially when I am almost always fashionably late -- while others call it irresponsible, undisciplined or simply annoying). But who says that I need to get everything on my wishlist, right? As far as I am concerned it can stay there on the list until the next 'it' thing comes along *hehehe* but the truth is I am quite besotted with 'Henry' -- should I or shouldn't I?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

yes, keep wishing for 'durian runtuh' ;P

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The N3 Chronicle: an update like no other

Yes, it has been a while since I last wrote and I have been pestered by my sister to update my progress on N3 Beauty product. Well, what I can say -- the products are brilliant! I have since stocked up on my favorite stuff which consist of the following:

  1. Lightening soap -- i used this 'sabun buku' every morning and every night. it gives me a fresh-face and that clean feeling i have always strived for. no oily residue and my skin feels nicely taut after.
  2. N3 gel -- have you ever tried Ginvera Marvel gel? if you haven't i'd urge to try it out or even better, convert yourself to N3 gel altogether. It smells like garlic to me (granted, not the most appealing point to some others) however the efficacy at exfoliating my skin gently is seriously unparalleled to any other exfoliating products out there. This is even better than Ginvera Marvel gel, IMHO. 
  3. Whitening serum -- i started using this after the peeling has settled 100% and although I haven't fully seen significant improvement on my sunspots, i definitely love this product for making skin soft and brighter. I reckon I would need to persevere with this one a while longer to see the intended improvement. 
  4. Astringent -- ahh, this is just a soothing, nice-smelling and refreshing toner i have used so far. It relaxes my skin and reduces any dry spots within 2 days. And one small bottle goes a long way.
  5. Toner 1 & 2 -- okay, for the record I hate these toners but only because they sting me and I hate any discomfort, however -- these acid-based toners really, really, really works girls! for daily maintenance I am using Toner #2 which is much more milder and tolerable than Toner #1. WIth continuous and disciplined use up to twice daily, you will not see any further peeling. However be warned -- if you are like me (inconsistent, hangat2 tahi ayam and ingat2 lupa) you might find that Toner #2 can also cause some micro-peeling following recommencement of application. This occurred to me after returning from my paris trip where my Toner #2 stock had finished and I had been using the astringent until i received my Toner #2 in May. However, the level of skin peeling is not in any way as major as with Toner #1. My skin had reverted to its bright glory (yes how poyo) within a few days without any major hiccups. 

N3 Beauty product is pretty straight forward to me. Like any other products, it will only work if you are consistent in using it. What's different about N3 Beauty products? Here's what i think:
  1. It is locally and naturally produced.
  2. It is affordable and does/will not break your (kitty/piggy) banks. Trust me.
  3. It works!
The only supplier I know is my own sister and she is a walking advertisement herself. She has always had beautiful skin, clear complexion without any blemishes, let alone sunspots. With N3 Beauty products, I witnessed the significant improvement of her already beautiful skin into a more glowing and healthy version. sans make-up, i promise you. Now, before anybody accuses me of reaping rewards from posting this -- I can assure you the ONLY reward I am reaping for myself is clearer, softer skin that does not require any foundation. I bought my own N3 Beauty products through her and stock up on my favorite products like anybody else, all expenses paid from my very own purse. 

I hate putting up my close-up photo here for the obvious reason (flared nostrils have never been my most flattering features *hehehe*) -- but for the sake of demonstration, or else, i'll be accused of faking my testimony -- here is indeed a very unflattering photo of yours truly today captured via iPhone 4S under natural light, unfiltered. 

yes, yes -- i know, not the best quality.
But as your can see, no more peeling or rough skin.
on my face: Kiehls SPF15 face lotion, Clarins UV HP Plus SPF45, NARS Tinted moisturizer in St Moritz and Bobbi Brown Mineral Foundation in Light.

So, should any of my readers are interested in trying out this awesome Malaysian products, do contact my sister Mellissa at Pretty Flawless & Pretty Beautiful or visit her N3 Beauty FB page for more real-women visual testimonials. until then, I shall do my best to be consistent in using these wonderful products for an even better outcome!

N3 Beauty devotee,

P.S. I love NARS tinted moisturizer and although I admit that my skin does not require foundation, my choice to put on tinted moisturizer is basically based on my need to: 1) to further hydrate my dry skin 2) to obtain that 'natural' glow 3) for sheer coverage -- I still have quite significant amount of sunspots which I have grown to love *coz i can't really get rid of them, can i now* and last but not least, I used the Bobbi Brown mineral foundation to reduce the shine after applying the NARS tinted moisturizer. One of these days, I will post up a sans make-up face. Just brace yourself (and myself) for the horror. But not just yet *hehehe*

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[Pause & Ponder]: Let's be grateful for what we have

I am currently sitting in my living room, listening to the quasi-silence provided by the fact that my mildly rambunctious children are next door playing the Wii with their friends. I could, in fact, hear their Wii commotion from next door -- yes the wall are rather paper-thin here. Anyways, one does a lot of thinking and soul-searching when one has the liberty to be alone. So here I am, typing away what sentiments that come into my mind.

I would like to bring you with me back to last night -- it was about 11.30pm, and I was watching 'The Last Samurai' which was inadvertently interspersed with all the melodic snoring provided by my 3 loved ones who were fast in deep slumber right beside me. I was multitasking, watching the movie as well as keeping up with whatever was happening around me via FB. The movie was nearing the end, it was the scene after The American Captain had to assist The Samurai Katsumoto to commit seppuku, and The Japanese Emperor was about to sign a treaty with The American Ambassador. I took a quick glance at my timeline and saw a shared post by my high school classmate on a single mother who is currently struggling to be as healthy as she can for her 3 children, as well as doing her best to provide for them in financial terms. I felt a pang of sadness deep within me. And a massive sense of guilt for the time i have spent in indulgence.

I do not know her but I went on to read through her writing, mostly the accounts on her battle with the chronic illness she has been trying to  beat for the last 5 years. Anaemia, low platelets counts, blood transfusion and numerous hospital visits, all the while looking after the kids, trying to make for 'sesuap nasi'. She has an online business selling different things from 'toto' duvet to kerepek and different sorts of malay condiments. I don't really know how profitable her online venture is but one thing that struck me was, she wasn't there looking for a free ride, not for herself nor her children. She is indeed doing her very best to survive despite or the challenges the come her way. Her way of dealing with her difficulties made me ashamed but grateful at the same time.

via Quest For A New Perspective

Would my readers be ever so kind to visit this lady's blog and read for yourself? Would we be moved to help her even by sincere du'a and well-wishes? Would we be able to spare RM10 for this lady and her children or any amount seikhlas yang mungkin? Nobody needs to know if you are contributing, let that be between you and Him, insya Allah. But I would be humbled if my readers would even consider to help spread the words and du'a for her wellbeing. If you are indeed interested in contributing some financial help for this lady, you could do so by purchasing her goods on her online shop or even any sincere contribution via her bank account which is detailed on her blog. Do read her account and I do hope you will see what I meant. She is not writing for easy money, but if there are compassions from our fellow Moslem I am sure she will be thanking Allah SWT for such help, no matter where it comes from. Who knows, this meagre move towards humanity might just be our ticket to Jannah...?

forever grateful for everything she has, 

Post script: Haryani Mat Hussin's Maybank Acc number is 164034266923. Semoga Allah SWT bukakan hati kita untuk membantu sedikit-sebanyak. Insya Allah

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love 'em Maconies

And so, my coveted Maconies and ASOS leather jacket have finally arrived -- the Maconies are great, the jacket I have yet to try it on as it is still with Mr Husband who is the designated delivery address. I have been reprimanded for my over-spending by Mr Husband and made to promise 'no more' -- 'necessities only' he said. I am a wee bit nervous about the jacket since it is my first time buying a jacket from an online store. I am a true believer in 'trying out the outfits before you buy' mantra although I don't mind so much if its jersey dresses or loose tops for I have bought quite a few in the past. But shoes, not so much --  i'll usually make it work, somehow.

I have taken a few pics of the Maconies -- for viewing pleasure of my dear friend Mrs W -- but only pics of the shoes not a full ODJ kinda snaps. I haven't had the chance to put them on and go out in the real world yet, but soon I will. It is 4 inches tall and although the arch is quite severe to my baseline standard of heels (3 inches being the most realistic height i can tolerate before my acrophobia kicks in) the Maconies are surprisingly comfy! No kidding!

There are no pics of me wearing the rose-gold version of the Maconies because I have decided to gift it to somebody dear whom I know will look super-fab in it! Happy birthday, Mrs W -- if you are reading this, your Maconies will be hand-delivered to you at a date not yet known *soon we hope!*

I am contemplating packing this pair to Paris with me in 2 weeks time. We are going to EuroDisney with the kids but as it is indeed Paris, we cannot possibly pass up the opportunity to roam around the city and to ogle and drool at pretty little/big things on display. I think this pair will bring me to the brink of arthritis but a fashion victim that I am -- I would probably just survive it anyway, at least to prance them along the corridor of our hotel!

can't wait for my version of spring-break,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

let's [ARM] party

Here I have a few of my favorite arm-party looks I collected from the web, all found through the Google search engine. What do we think of this trend? I, for one, is absolutely taken by it -- but only when I am feeling rather brave to go around with a busy arm. let's take a look, shall we?

 | arm-party | 
original term coined by The Man Repeller
| an eclectic mix of bangles, bracelets, wristwatch and any conceivable types of wrist wears |

and, my version of The Arm-Party:

chunky turquoise ring | Aldo
black and pewter glass beads bracelet | Chanel
Lady Datejust steel wristwatch | Rolex
orange & silver enamel bangle | H&M
Keep It Twice patent leather bracelet in Amarante | Louis Vuitton
charm bracelet | Tiffany
crystal encrusted egyptian bangle | a gift from Egypt
black and mother of pearl stripe bangle | a gift from Bangkok
orange & green stripe bangle | a gift from Bangkok

Mr Husband's old wristwatch | Tissot
black and pewter glass beads bracelet | Chanel
black & gold enamel bangle | H&M
white & silver enamel bangle | H&M

and click here for more delectable inspirations in developing your individual style(s) of your very own arm-parties.

my left shoulder is hurting already,